Mr GH Neale was born the same week as the death penalty was abolished in the United Kingdom – a matter of some good fortune.  He is occasionally accompanied by his wife and three children as he traverses the highways and byways of the Kentish countryside.

His musings are discharged unrealistically into what is euphemistically described as ‘Meta-Fiction’.  This is something he very much enjoys doing but he recognises his clandestine scribblings may forevermore be hermetically sealed with the stamp of obscurantism.  But in that respect he cares not a jot and he is determined to continue jotting in his own atomic way.

He is interested in politics but so far has been unimpressed by the systems that he has discovered.  Whilst becoming vegetarian at sixteen years old, he occasionally kicks himself with his leather shoes and is ill-at-ease that he is not more committed, that is to say: a vegan.

He wishes everyone well except others that don’t wish others well.